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About Company

SmartSense IT is an Information Technology services company which installs, solve and fix the failure or errors of computer hardware, software and network systems for an organization or individual customer in one or several locations.

Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services and resources.

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     We can supply and fix everything

you need to fix your computer hardware, software and operating system problems through the use of modern technology such as phone and internet.




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  • Fixing common computer problems



Software errors:


- Solving the problems if the programs won't install, don't appear on your computer, or hang when you run them


- Help you when you are unable to connect to the Internet.


Hardware trouble:


- Printers, monitors, keyboards, mouse, scanners, faxes, graphics cards, sound cards, or additional equipment won't function properly.


- Devices aren't receiving electrical power.


- Equipment fails to be recognized by your PC before, during, or after installation.


- Hardware refuses to run at some point after initial setup.


Operating system failure:


- Your PC won't start up or shut down.


- The computer randomly hangs and crashes.


- The system shuts down or reboots without warning.


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    • Maintain technology to



    - Installing tools and equipment   needed in a computer software and hardware

    - Connect and set up hardware


    - Load all required software

    - Provide network accounts and passwords as required

    - Input and maintain IP addresses


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    • Manage information technology and computer systems

    - Operate computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems



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